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Je suis starting to learn francais avec mon ami! Transportting to the land of baguettes, berets and bonne things. C’est magnifique. x

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&what | Well Mr. Branson, you’ve outdone yourself.

This summer Virgin Atlantic and I became friends. Really really good ones actually.

After studying in the UK for the past year, the thought of hopping on airplanes jaded me. I always found myself bored and uncomfortable wishing I could watch episodes I wanted online or tweet about the wailing baby beside me.

When I heard some Virgin Atlantic flights were getting in-flight Wi-Fi with its revamped Red in-Flight Entertainment system, I got really excited. Too bad not many other people did as according to In-Stat, only seven per cent of US commercial airline passengers used in-flight Wi-Fi in 2011.

Either way, this was the inspiration for my dissertation on how Twitter can be used to build brand relationships, generate brand conversations and improve brand experience.

The @virginatlantic global Twitter page became the subject of this study and the point of data collection along with some fabulous and insightful interview I had with key industry professionals.

Here are some of the key learnings I was able to extract from my mammoth dissertation….a whopping 164 pages long. NBD.

  • Have a clear strategy: It is important to have a social strategy before entering the social space. Many brands approach social media with having a strategy to guide their activities or measure their success. Brands must understand who their audience is, what they want to achieve and set measurable goals that will align with ROI.
  • Build relationships: PR is increasingly about building direct relationships with clients and the audiences they want to interact with. Social media provides a digital platform that lets audiences engage directly with brands and likeminded consumers in a scalable manner.
  • Manage relationships: Twitter is characterized by real-time communication. This offers the perfect platform for successful customer relationship management if executed in a well managed manner.

Approximately 90% of Virgin Atlantic tweets engaged in dialogic communication sharing informational or conversational content. The immediacy of the communication and high level of commitment in their tweets exhibited strong relationship management leading to high levels of satisfaction.

  • Be Transparent: Transparency is always important because nothing can be hidden in the digital space. Twitter can be a positive or negative platform for crisis communication. It is said that you should fight social media fire with social media water, and Twitter allows you to do this.

In the case of Virgin Atlantic, the global Twitter feed was an outlet to deliver information quickly and effectively to passengers if a flight was delayed, airport was closed, etc. When dealing with individual issue management, it shed a positive light on the CRM practices of VA. Although not every issue could be resolved and not everyone can be happy, the situation and communication trail is visible to everyone.

  • Develop a Social Media Policy: Take the time to develop a clear and concise social media policy and update it regularly.

Social media platforms are always changing and there are plenty of rules and regulations around appropriate content. As this is the public face of a brand, it is important that as community managers are briefed and there is a clear policy that can be referred to. Experience in community management is also an asset as there are plenty of tricky online situations that are not always textbook.

All that & you’re golden!

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&what | LFW. It’s time.

Oh hey there London Fashion Week. I will be across the pond for this one, and unfortunately my A-List Ashley status won’t be getting me any front row seats. But thanks to Twitter I’ll practically be there to hear the heels click.

Here are some ways to stay in the know during LFW:

  • Apps: TopShop’s got you covered with the updated version of the Top Shop iPhone app that will live stream catwalk shows from the Topshop Show Space.
  • Facebook: Burberry and their Facebook fans have a solid relationship. This past year, Burberry tapped into Facebook Commerce when fans were given the opportunity to pre-purchase Burberry Body, a new fragrance, before release.

Burberry creative director, Christopher Bailey will invite fans to watch its Fall 2012 RTW collection live from their Facebook page on February 20, 2012. Following the show, he will host a live Q&A. Looks like Burberry’s Facebook strategy is all about exclusivity.

  • Twitter: Thumbs will be ready as soon as the show starts. Mashable has identified these Twitter handles as favourites to follow.

@Londonfashionwk: the official London Fashion Week Twitter account

@HilaryAlexander: The Telegraph’s fashion director

@WGSN: London-based fashion trends analysis firm WGSN

@TheLFWDaily: Front row and backstage coverage from The Daily

Paris Fashion Week is coming soon….stay tuned! x

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