&what | i heart scotland

Last weekend we took the train to Scotland for the mr.x’s birthday! It was a little surprise that he absolutely loved. We stayed at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh, which has the comfiest bed and biggest bath perfect to fill with bubbles. the breakfast was fabulous and the city was so magical. like taking a step back in time. all the Scottish people were so sweet and happy to help wherever they could. we tasted whisky and learned the difference between single malts and mixes while getting suitably tips. haggis was pretty tasty too until i found out exactly what it was. the castle was a fairytale and yes, they even have weddings there. amazing! we ate well at Angels and Bagpipes, a Michelin starred restaurant on the high street and worked off our dinner with an early morning hike up arthur’s seat. this where i realized just how unfit i actually am. off to hit the gym now!


&what | adventuring.

i have one passion, it’s adventuring. ok, and fashion. and making tasty creations. and rocking out to every type of music. and knitting like a nonna. and escaping to magical places on paper. and snow with slopes. and dreaming. and taking pictures of literally everything. and a million and one other things but if i could only have one of those things for the rest of my life – traveling would definitely be it.

this girl is off this weekend on a very exciting excursion to the northern abyss where they eat haggis, all have bright red beards and wear kilts (apparently with nothing underneath – bonus!). Mr. X (as he said i should refer to him on here – i’m rolling with it just because it sounds secret mission-esque) is coming with me. literally can’t wait for this adventure!


&what | work it girl.

Women are moving up the career ladder as the days of inequality and the glass ceiling are being pushed behind us. As a lady, I personally think it is important to be able to support ourselves and pave our own way in the future for the career and family that we want. I was recently sent an article about Alison Brond and how she started her own PR agency at the age of 25. While her experience was filled with a number of lucky breaks (sometimes that’s exactly what you need!), she offered up some great lessons and career tips that are worth sharing.

1. Be bold. Do not be afraid or feel limited in asking for connections to others or in introducing yourself to people you want to meet.

2. However, do not be over confident or over-sell your abilities. Know your limitations and be realistic about your skills. When you put “Internet Explorer” or “social media” on your resume, be prepared to explain your skill set beyond using the Internet or having a Facebook page.

3. Have a wide range of interests and be well read. Read the newspapers, read best selling novels, read biographies. US Weekly and People Magazine can be mixed in to your reading lists but do not make them your go-to sources for conversations.

4. Stop crying in the office. I hire a lot of younger women who are navigating their first professional careers, and I have to remind them that they cannot burst into tears at work. It shows a complete lack of self-control.

5. Choose your career to mesh with your family goals. If you want children and want to be highly involved in their everyday lives, don’t choose a career in client-services. I think young women need to be told to have more of a life strategy when choosing careers.

These are great to remember, but success won’t be complete without a lot of hard work and a dash of hope.


image source: weheartit.

&what | UNIQLO

this week my lovely friend rosie from fashionology invited polly & i for a fun night of cocktails and cozy things.

we ended up at UNIQLO on oxford street to discover their new Heat Tech line.

i jazzed up my new UNIQLO Heat Tech turtle neck with a cute brooch! practicality and fashion usually don’t mix but this rocks it.

& what.