&what | Aritzia.

Confession: I always used to be obsessed with my brothers’ girlfriends’ style. I never had an older sister to steal style tips from, so the girlfriends did the job of taking me shopping (genuinely the best way to get brownie points++++).

My oldest brother’s (now ex) girlfriend, Jenn, had amazing style. For my birthday they took me shopping at Yorkdale and showed me the delights of Aritzia. L O V E at first sight. My first ever purchase from therewas a snow white, cotton tracksuit with matching pants and a zip hoodie that had the old school TNA (Not tits n’ ass, but Talula National Athletics) emblem on the hood and waistband.

Of course, my tastes have improved, going from white tracksuits to more refined blazers, lace tops and silk dresses.

Aritzia just launched their new Spring 13 collection. I’d like to take one of everything, but here are a couple of my favourites! Too bad I will have to wait until I go home in the summer to get my hands on them.

Artizia PLEASE open a store in London.

&what x