Monday, Day 4 in Berlin. A day that was years in the making.

You see, ever since my first trip to Berlin. I have wanted to go on the Third Reich Tour. A tour that takes you through Berlin and describes exactly where and how Nazi Germany rose to power. I am a bit of a history nerd so this was high on this list. However, the only time the tour runs on a weekend is Sunday at 10AM. Which as you may have guessed – there are some things like Berghain that were above this passion for history.

Anyways, lucky for us at 2:30PM right by Brandenburg Gate my life long (ish) dream of going on the Third Reich tour would come true.

But first, breakfast in bed. As the best Mondays should begin, we ordered the spread of dreams and got breakfast in bed. One of our last mornings in the hotel we had to make the most of it.

After what could be described as the most relaxing morning – I’m talking breakfast in bed, two cups of tea, a 30 minute shower with a full body scrub and a hair mask treatment – we were ready for the Third Reich Tour.

Walked over to Brandenburg Tor and stopped in the newly opened Commes Des Garcons store. LOVE.

SHOP: Commes Des Garcons, Berlin. 

Commes des Garcons | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Commes des Garcons | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Showed the man our tickets and he pointed us in the direction or our guide – James. Originally from Notting Hill, he moved to Berlin to learn German for his girlfriend at the time. She broke up with him before he came to the country but he loved it so much he had to stay.

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Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. In Croatia, it’s as if these two meet and never part.

There are so many beautiful shades of blue everywhere you look. The smell of the sea and feeling of sun shining down on you all day can’t help but bring a dose of happiness.

See that ladder down into the sea? Casually placed right off the walking path in case you want to jump in for a little dip.

All about that. Which, is when I decided – life by the sea really is the one for me.


Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017 Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017 Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017

&what | WANT.

LOCATION: NYC, Spring Studios, backstage at the Jason Wu SS17 show.

SPOTTED:  Saint Laurent Classic Sac de Jour bag in Lipstick Red Leather.

One word for this dream bag, WANT. If its good enough for Taylor, its good enough for…well you know.




A Frank Gehry masterpiece in the middle of Paris.

First stop on our Paris list was the Fondation Louis Vuitton. This architectural wonder is absolutely stunning. The feeling you get when you look at the vast intricacy of the building is like no other and truly makes you appreciate the power of design at any scale.

We arrived bright and early on a gloomy day in Paris only to get there when it was closed. Never been one to plan ahead, really would have come in handy on days like this. Nonetheless we saw this wonder from the exterior and were able to walk around the gardens before heading off to lunch at Deriere.

Next time you are in Paris, definitely visit the Fondation. Book tickets in advance and get a table at the restaurant there.

-&what x

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Toronto has changed a lot since the youthful days of living in the city. Every time I go home there are new places to discover. Mostly through creeping Insta. My fave this time? Box Car Social.

Tucked away in Summerhill the vibes in this place are unreal. Sat here with Vanja for hours chatting about life, dreams, Tinder love and everything in between over some of their fine whiskey selection. To make you even more jealous it was snowing outside and when left everything was white.

Summer is just around the corner so I probably shouldn’t be reminiscing about winter and whiskey, but can’t wait to be back in the homeland sipping on some Glenlivet again.

-&what x


&what | FRINGS.

I know when that Hotline Frings, that can only mean one thing…

Drake and Susur Lee teamed up to open Frings in Toronto on King St. This place lives up to it’s name and the Canadian Gods behind it.

The food: Delicious. So many varieties we tried the Chicken Sliders and Susur Burger with the truffle fries. Massive portions, both packed with flavour. Heard the Fried Chicken Rigatoni is good too. The dessert menu isn’t lacking either. We tried one of everything and let me tell you the Monkey Bread will melt in your mouth.

The music: A playlist that sounded like it was curated by Drake himself. Old school, new school, every kind of school hip hop classics. My Shazaam couldn’t keep up. The vibes were unreal.

The company: Old friends and new friends which nearly half of Toronto, making for good times all around.

The 6ix: Mini touches of the 6ix and Drake’s stamp were everywhere. There is a neon sign with “6 on A Wave” in Emoji. Not so subtle but a shout out to the man himself. More subtle hints are the 6 Gods and 6 Goddesses on the bathroom doors. Hidden in different places, keep your eyes peeled.

Will have to wait until my next stop over in the homeland to get another taste of that Fried Chicken. If you’re in the tdot soon, get there. Make a reservation first, it’s packed. The only way we got a table was because of the blizzard outside – good for a few things.

-&what x





There are only a few occasions where one can be a tourist with no shame. Eating Oysters at  The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station is one of them.

Emily Brown and I had the most tremendous date night on our first Friday evening in NYC. Oysters and Champagne were on the menu. Quantities were not sparred.

Highly recommended treat while in NY. You will be amongst the other tourists of the land but its a classic NY experience that must be had. 12 Oysters down, from different parts of the US coastline, we were very sea-tisfied.

-&what x



&what | BATH TIME.

Bath time should always look like this.

It’s hard to grab a moment to yourself when you’re running around with a million things to do and so much life to live. Stopping to enjoy the moment and reflect on the amazing things that have happened this year is so much easier on the 27th floor of the Trump Soho NYC peering out over this gorgeous city. Pinch me.

-&what x



&what | under the sea.

The last day of my last weekend in the Tdot was spent with the fishes! We trotted through the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada pretending we had glowing red hair, trousers that turned us into little mermaids with the most fitting tune running through our heads. I’ll give you a hint – it features a little crab named Sebastian. This post will definitely be more fun if you turn up the volume (Under the sea – The Little Mermaid.).

Gianni was supposed to be in Mexico, actually swimming with the fishes, but missed his flight. So we rescued him from boredom until he could catch his next one (hopefully!).

Here’s a little tip if you’re planning on going to the aquarium anytime soon – book in advance, unless of course you want to be waiting until you have grey hairs.

Once inside we were taken deep into the Canadian Great Lake waters where we saw giant octopuses, crazy coloured lobsters and a scary platipus fish with a giant mouth. Let’s just say that I won’t be taking a dip at the cottage anytime soon now that I know those sea monsters will be accompanying me. The Rainbow Reef was my favourite part. There were so many beautiful colours, with gorgeous varieties of fish and some not so gorgeous – like the sword nosed one smiling at us and the great white share showing his pearly whites. Already dreaming of a diving trip in Thailand or Oz. Now, anyone want to come with me?

Here’s a sneak peek at our Sunday Funday under the sea!

 -&what x.

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